BUENA VISTA Araperique

BUENA VISTA Araperique — aged in whiskey barrels.

Tabaco Araperique

Exceptional in every way

Araperique is one of the rarest and most sophisticated tobacco types in the world. It provides the special note in the aromatic blend for this unusual long filler cigar. Masterfully blended with other prestigious tobaccos for a refined, aromatic and truly exciting flavour experience such as you have never had before.

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There are tobaccos that are unusual – and then there are those also produced in an unusual way. Araperique excels here as one of the most unusual and sophisticated tobaccos in the world. A tobacco that exacts the highest level of expertise, from its special planting through to its intensive cultivation, unusual ageing process and final processing.

Its name is derived from the special ageing technique used for it – the ‘Perique method’. This method was developed by the Native American Choctaw tribe, who make Araperique from raw Arapiraca tobacco. The tobacco is harvested leaf by leaf and hung to dry before being stemmed by hand. Afterwards it is carefully packed into oak whisky barrels in layers, where it is left to age under high pressure for at least one year.

To ensure even fermentation, the tobacco needs to be reshuffled by hand multiple times during the ageing process, which in the end results in the development of a distinctly powerful aroma unique to Araperique. An aroma with rich, complex characteristics. A full-bodied blend for the perfect, ‘excitante’ moment. Masterfully blended with other prestigious tobaccos. The result is a sophisticated cigar with a complex and rich aroma. Hand-rolled by carefully selected cigar makers who skilfully ply their craft to make every BUENA VISTA Araperique an excitingly different cigar experience.

BUENA VISTA Araperique – Cigarros Excitantes.

In detail: BUENA VISTA Araperique

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